We quite simply provide candidates that have been thoroughly interviewed by ourselves – ideally in person – allowing us to provide the most accurate information on a candidate that you are considering.

We want to get to know your business – and not just say we do. We will spend time in your business, with your staff, even coming to work for you. All this, so we can soak up the environment, the people, and the atmosphere. This is what will allow us to really sell your business to a potential candidate.

Our work starts by interviewing candidates before putting them forward for a role; we do not claim to own a magic formula to source candidates, other than by hard work, creativity, late nights, early mornings, experience, and an ability to sell an opportunity.

We know that as our customer, you are interested in the quality of short-list that reaches you. We shall take care of how that short-list reaches you, in a manner and with a process and a pricing structure to suit. We want you to have confidence that your role is a priority to us, and that you are also working in a way that suits your business.

At Marwood, we can offer what many larger companies cannot do – a bespoke service to suit the budget, situation, sensitivities, skill requirements, and the importance of the role to the business.

  • You may want to run a branded advertisement, but don’t want to manage the response. We will, and present the interviewed short-list to you.

  • You may need a very specific technical ability. We can arrange that all candidates are interviewed in person by ourselves, against the brief, so you know you are meeting someone who can genuinely perform.

  • You may want to speak to someone specific – we take on the responsibility of finding the person, and speaking to them when they can speak. Usually not during office hours!

  • You may have several requirements, and all you want is to deal with one recruiter who completely understands the business and represents it like an employee would. In this instance, we can create any collateral material (information packs, extended job descriptions, competency-based interviewing, and selection days) to create a completely unique and thorough process.

  • You may even want us to find you a graduate placement – we can advertise, approach universities, filter candidates, design and manage the day itself, test, reject, and walk the successful candidate in to their first job!

Every customer is different. In short, once we know your business and its goals, we can create a process to suit you.