We know that choosing a new role can be a life-changing decision, and this is not something we take lightly at Marwood.

Without our candidates we have no business; it is our job to advise, empathise, challenge, and ultimately, facilitate your career move.

We are normal and down-to-earth people, with plenty of life experience. We enjoy speaking to people and finding out all about you, but we will never shy away from a difficult conversation or passing on poor feedback that will ultimately help you in your career search.

We are candidate-focused. We have to be. Unless we understand your requirements and goals from a process, we will not fulfil our objective to get you the job that you want. We are flexible and will work around your requirements.

Recruiting on behalf of a business is rarely about just finding a skill fit. It’s also about a character fit. Tell us WHO you are and what motivates you and that perfect role will be closer than you think.

We will never send your CV without your permission and will keep in contact with as much feedback as we can.

Finally, everyone at Marwood is here to help. If you need help or advice, never hesitate to get in touch. It is our job to help you get the job you want, and to ensure you have an excellent experience of Marwood Resourcing!