We offer a candidate-focused service. All our candidates are thoroughly interviewed (ideally in person) on all aspects of their requirements, with particular focus on personal needs and culture fit. Our experience tells us that a candidate who is happy in a like-minded company makes for long-term placements and advancement within the organisation.

We understand that we are helping you in finding a job, somewhere we spend the majority of our waking hours. We do not take this lightly, and are prepared to work tirelessly and thoroughly to help you achieve your goal.

The days of being forced into huge commutes, living away, and family sacrifices are over. We understand that your personal requirements should never be overlooked, and must be at the forefront of the decision to take a new role.

Recruiting on behalf of a business is rarely about just finding a fit for experience and skills. You need to be part of an organisation who employs YOU – not just your employment history.

We work with our engaged candidates to market your profile in a researched and relevant manner – not a generic mailshot to our database. We will never send your CV without your prior permission, and we will work and communicate with you at all stages so you know exactly what we are doing on your behalf.

You may also be very happy in your current role, and want to know when that ideal role comes up – fine by us! We are always happy to meet you so and discuss your requirements for whenever that perfect opportunity presents itself.